Aims & Objectives

Our Aim

Our primary aim is to provide education and training to mentally handicapped children and adults so that they will be helped, to the fullest extent possible in reaching their maximum potential. It is our hope to provide a comprehensive service to children and adults with mental handicap. It is our hope that our efforts will improve their quality of life.

Our Objectives

  1. To secure for all handicapped children/persons the benefits of care, treatment, education and training appropriate to their disability; and to encourage the development of statutory voluntary efforton their behalf.
  2. To promote and stimulate research into cause , cure prevention of mental handicapped and into the development of locally appropriate methods of treatment, education and vocational training of handicapped /persons.
  3. To develop a better public understanding of the needs of mentally handicapped children/persons through mass media publication etc.
  4. To encourage parents of mentally handicapped children/persons to be members of the Association in the interest of their mentally handicapped children/ persons.
  5. To solicit funds and to acquire property for the accomplishment of the above purpose.
  6. To do all such lawful activities as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of its objectives.