Appeal for donation

SAMH is currently struggling to cover operating costs as our student enrolment is still lower than pre-pandemic times due to various reasons. Government grants and charitable contributions have also declined and as a result, SAMH is facing difficulties in covering operating costs. Thus, any financial assistance and support will be greatly appreciated and used for the maximum benefit of the children/adults entrusted in our care.

Over the last few years, government grants to NGOs has been on a downward trend and this has impacted SAMH, whereby it would now need to collect 60% of its annual budget through public donations to meet its operating expenditure.


SAMH Community Partners

Over the years, SAMH has received the support of numerous organisations, both local and international, which have supported SAMH in different ways through assisting in our fund-raising events, award of grants, job contracts for sheltered workshop, training of teachers, student sponsorships and corporate donations.

These are only a few of these organisations which have enabled us to sustain and continue to deliver on our mission. A big thank you to all!


Life In SAMH