Early Intervention Programme

Early Intervention Programmme (EIP) SAMH is one of the earliest programme to be set up in Malaysia. It was started as a home-based in programme by Dr. Gwen Smith in 1981.

The EIP later become centre-based in 1988 under the guidance of Australian psychologist Mr. Robert Deller.

The Early Intervention Programme caters for children 6 years and below. An assessment is done before admission. An Individual Education Plan is than worked out for the child. Parents are encouraged to implement at home, what the child learns at the centre.

School hours are six hours per week. The subjects taught in Individual work are : Language Development, Number, Fine and Gross Motor skills. Self Help skills and Makaton Language Vocabulary.

Group activities : Dough Play, Water Play, Sand Play, Block, Play, Art & Craft, Computer Skills and Story Telling

Relevant talks and discussion sessions are also organized for the benefit of parents.