Vocational Training Centre

The Vocational Training Programme is for those who are 18 years and above. This Programme was set up in Wisma Harapan in 1983 and in Klang Special School, in 2001. The training programme is carried out Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.The centre consists of a domestic science unit, paper rattan handicraft, general craft unit, sewing unit and vegetable garden project. This programme prepares young people for work and assists in job placement.

Paper Rattan Handicraft

The Paper Rattan Handicraft was introduced to the Vocational Training Centre, Wisma Harapan in July 2007. This handicraft involves the use of old magazines to make baskets .The baskets are made by rolling papers, joining and weaving them. The end products are then given a coat of varnish to enhance the beauty of the baskets. They come in various designs and colours. The Paper Rattan Handicraft carries with it the message of recycling. The trainees with special needs are not only learning to recycle old magazines ; they are also teaching others about recycling through the beautiful paper rattan handicraft which they create.

Vocational Training Centre – Klang Special School

Klang Special School is one of the schools run by SAMH. We have also set up a Vocational Training Centre there. There are 32 trainees in this centre. They follow the same curriculum as the Vocational Training Centre in Wisma Harapan. The trainees are all at different levels of development. They too are undergoing training and education. The trainees are also taught job skills and good work habits in order to prepare them to enter the sheltered workshop in Klang.

The Vegetable Garden Project in Klang Special School was initiated by a group of parents from the school. The main objective of the project is to provide education, training and work experience in the planting, harvesting and selling of vegetables and fruits. Some of the vegetables planted are salad, spinach, chilies, brinjals, ladies finger etc.

The produce from the Vegetable Garden is used in preparing lunch for the students. Some of it is sold to parents , teachers and staff of the school. The Vegetable Garden Project is an exciting new venture by the Association. It has the potential to be turned into an employment project for the older students in Klang Special School.