appeal for donation

SAMH Donation Campaigns

A generous donation for SAMH campaigns  is a step forward towards creating a better life for our learning disabled children, youth and adults.

Our children, youths and adults need your help! Your support can help SAMH sustain and continue to provide early intervention, special education, vocational training and employment opportunities for our students. Your donations can help sponsor a child’s fees to remain in school when his/her parents are unable to afford to do so, equip SAMH with much needed latest learning materials and resources, help SAMH cover its operating expenses at this difficult time while we brace and wait for the Covid recovery phase and more students return to school, help SAMH cover our electricity and water bills or rental of SAMH Jinjang or contribute towards teachers’ salaries, among others.

Early intervention and special education and vocational skills training go a long way in enhancing the lives of the mentally handicapped. It prepares them for independent living and a better quality of live, it enhances their self-esteem and confidence and enables them to have better employment opportunities. The mentally handicapped are part of our community.

Come, do your part today to make a difference and find out more about our various donation campaigns to help!